#1 Modern Inventory Management

Stokflo rethink on how inventory management work, with a focus on growth, speed, and accuracy

  • Data integration
  • Centralized Inventory
  • Unified Order Processing
  • Insights and Analytics
Stokflo Connect

Stokflo can act as the heart of your suite of apps. Unify orders from your sales channels and send relevant data to your accounting and reporting systems

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Product listing

Multi channels

Accounting Integrations

Stokflo Modern Inventory

Keep stock synced with orders. Reach customers anywhere online and offline. Perfect your multi channel customer experience and manage your physical retail locations

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Low stock email

Product categories

Multiple locations

Stock adjustments

Stokflo Smart Orders

Sync all your sales and purchase channels into Stokflo Platform. Fulfill your orders seamlessly

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Create quotes and Invoices

Email receipts

Pack and Ship

Stokflo Intelligence

Put your data to work. Take action to fine-tune your product mix, minimize your costs, increase sales and optimize your inventory

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Bottom-up Analyses

To do list

Measure performance

Manage inventory for all your physical and online stores

Manage multiple warehouses and fulfill orders from all your sales channels in one platform

Make your business scalable from the start and be ready now to sell to more people in more places when the time comes.

Easy and intuitive software

Stokflo interface guides you through whatever you are trying to achieve—and it works

Get from point A to B to C without having to receive special training

With your team anywhere, anytime

Collaborate with Stokflo multiple users solution, where the right people and the right information come together, helping everyone get work done.

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